Beekeeping Mistakes By Beginners

There’s associate previous expression that the sole guarantees you’ve got in life area unit death and taxes. I’m progressing to add mistakes to the list of sure things. As we have a tendency to gain expertise, we modify the character of our mistakes, however we have a tendency to perpetually create them; seasoned beekeepers and novices alike. everybody has their gag reel. 

With time, the frequency of the mistakes reduces and plenty of excellent practices become habit. As we have a tendency to undergo these common mistakes, confine mind that if you’ve got already created a number of these, you’ve got passed your initiation into apiculture. 

And We are progressing to refer the way to avoid mistakes?

1. Beginning with just one Hive 

Colonies area unit like cookies. Once you’ve had one, you’re probably to want another. 

Beekeeping offers plenty of learning opportunities, however it may be terribly discouraging once things fail. 

The problem is that if one hive fails, and you simply have the one, you’ve got to start once more. If you’ve got 2 and one survives, then you’ve got one thing to stay that beek fireplace going. 

If one colony starts to fall, you’ll be able to borrow some brood from the opposite one that’s thriving. you’ll be able to begin with packages from completely different breeders, or strive completely different bee races and compare their quality to your setting.

Starting with 2 hives provides your project an improved likelihood at longevity.

2. Inspecting The Hive Too often 

You just got your initial package. You’ve been doing such a lot analysis and watched 154 videos concerning honeybees. You’ve watched the bee documentaries and you’ve replaced the narrators’ voices with yours in your mind. 

You want to visualize that everything you’ve got watched is really happening in your hive. thus you opt to require a peek 2 days when you put in them. You’re thus excited that they’re still there. 

A couple of days later, you are doing an equivalent issue. so it goes till someday you open the hive and also the bees area unit gone… 

You stressed them out together with your constant presence. 

Bees have to be compelled to feel secure. You cacophonous the roof off over their heads 2-3 times every week has the other impact. provide them time to settle in. arrival on them in a very week simply to form certain they need enough feed and they’ve started building comb. Then leave them be for a minimum of two weeks. 

If you actually wish to search out out what’s happening with them, take a seat outside the hive and observe them. you’ll be able to learn plenty from observation also.

3. Not Taking Varroa Seriously

You may be a pacifist, however there are a issues that won’t depart just because you allow them to be. Varroa is one amongst those issues. 

There are a several seasoned beekeepers operational these days that have had to restart their project 2 or 3 times. Losing dozens of colonies year when year has had devastating effects on the bee population within the country. 

The top side is that it’s gotten folks to get up and calculate methods to combat this tormenter. There are a several choices within the market, and that we area unit suggested to require associate integrated approach to tormenter management. 

You are known as to mix treatments with sensible husbandman practices so as to urge the mite populations within the hive down. Eliminating them fully is very unlikely. 

The mite is thought to evolve terribly quickly and has gained resistance to several of the chemicals accustomed kill them. this is often why we have a tendency to use all forms of methods. 

Colony splits cut up the brood cycle that reduces the mite count. Use of little cell foundation reduces the area obtainable for mites to grow and reproduce whereas they take advantage of the haemolymph of the brood. That too has helped to stay the mite count. Mites do fine in huge cells like drone cells. 

We even have organic treatments like acid and thyme camphor, every having its distinctive characteristics that kill the mites. 

Mites are a reality you can not ignore. you would like to actively affect them. 

4. Not Feeding Package Bees

Package bees area unit like teenagers going back to high school when the summer. If it absolutely was up to them, they wouldn’t leave their original hive.  

For the bees, it’s worse as a result of they don’t see it returning. 

One day, they’re going concerning their business in a very thriving hive with voluminous food, ensuing day, they’re yanked from the hive, shoved down a funnel and notice themselves in a very small box that smells nothing like home. 

Worse still, they can’t discover the scent mama has, however there’s associate fake in a very curious-looking protecting box. 

Unlike a swarm, they don’t have time to arrange for his or her trip.

Before colony swarms, the employee bees that may accompany the queen to stock up on honey. So, once they notice a brand new place to settle in, they carry on some groceries in their bodies. 

Package bees aren’t that lucky. additionally to not packing some honey, they even have to be told the new setting. it’ll take them a minute before they’ll argue themselves. 

Building comb needs plenty of energy, which will solely be provided by nectar/sugar. 

Since package bees would like a while to secure an area food supply, you will have to be compelled to feed them for a couple of weeks, a minimum of till they need designed comb. 

With relation to feed, be conscious of what you employ. though honey would be best, solely feed honey if you’re fully certain concerning its supply. Honey will unfold malady thus once unsure, use syrup.

5. Harvest an excessive amount or too early 

The first year of the colony’s life is delicate. they need plenty operating against them. If they set out as a package, they virtually need to begin over. 

They have to just accept the queen given to them, learn the tract, secure a food supply, build the numbers and store enough food to urge them through the winter and also the youth of spring. 

An rabid husbandman will jeopardize the complete operation by wiping out all their stores, deed them with nothing to urge them through the frosty season. 

The amount of honey that a colony would like varies reckoning on the geographical location of the shed. 

Therefore, states that get to sub-zero temperatures have colonies confined to the hive for several months at a time. 

In tropical areas like Hawaii, the beekeepers will depart with fewer stores as a result of the weather permits the bees to forage most year spherical. 

Please consult your native beekeeper’s association to be told the most effective observe once it involves honey needs for the winter to confirm you don’t starve your bees by indulgence your appetite.

6. Not Having Extra Equipment 

Beekeeping is not an inexpensive endeavour. I don’t want to think about all the money I have spent on different parts of beehives over the years. 

When you begin, the basic starter hive is fine. You add more boxes as the colony grows and needs space. 

One big mistake that many beekeepers make is not having extra equipment on hand. 

What if your colony swarms or even better you find a wild swarm in a bush? If you are able to catch a honey bee swarm, you need a box for them. 

Imagine the agony of seeing that beautiful large swarm of bees hanging on a low tree limb. Just within reach! And you have nothing to put them in. 

Yes, you can work around and use a cardboard box or smaller honey supers in an emergency! 

However, it is much easier and smarter to keep an extra deep (or medium if that’s what you use) on hand. 

Along with extra frames and a box of foundation, this will prepare you for emergencies. 

In a pinch, used beekeeping equipment may be a possibility but use proper precautions to when choosing to use old equipment.  There will always be a measure of risk.

7. Improper Inspections

When you open up the hive, does one recognize what you’re trying for? 

The most necessary a part of the review is guaranteeing that you simply have a viable queen. Queens area unit masters of the shadows so that they won’t create it simple for you to visualize them. 

Fortunately, they are doing leave proof of their presence within the hive within the variety of eggs. The presence of eggs means the queen is active and was a minimum of gift inside the last three days. 

Going by the presence of brood alone may be deceptive reckoning on the stage of development. Capped brood might signal that there was a queen 3 weeks agone, and plenty will happen in 3 weeks. 

Eggs area unit small and nearly semitransparent so that they area unit onerous to identify, however it gets easier with observe. It’s necessary to possess associate review list to guide you. This helps to confirm that your disruption is transient and effective.

8. Being satisfied with limited knowledge of beekeeping

I have met many a backyard beekeeper who seemed content with the fact that they do not understand what they are looking at when they go into their hives to do an inspection. They are happy to leave the bees mostly alone and then go in every once in a while, to take honey or to make sure there are still bees inside. Personally, this always shocks me. Learning about the bees is the best part of beekeeping! They are such fascinating creatures, the more I learn, the more I want to know. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the information on beekeeping and just sort of give up on understanding, but anything worth doing, is worth doing right. Make the effort. There are so many resources available. Classes, mentors, books, documentaries, forums, blogs, YouTube videos! Find what works for you and never stop learning. Uneducated hobbyists make us all look the fool. 

9. Hive Placement

Unless you’re Spiderman, you wish each feet planted firmly on the bottom whenever you’re finishing up activities within the hive. 

You may have had a swarm enter a corner of the barn that needs access by unstable ladder. great spot to line up a bait hive, terrible for a permanent hive location. 

Bee accessories are often large. Accessibility is overriding as a result of trucking hive bodies and full supers of honey is torturous even on an excellent surface. the chance for bodily damage and hive destruction will increase once the shed is troublesome to access. 

Ensure that the world round the hive permits you to perform tasks as you stand behind the hive. withdraw brush or something that ground pests will use as a bridge to access your hive. 

Where doable, having the ability to drive right up to the hive could be a nice advantage for those times you’ll have some work to try and do while not facilitate. 

It’s conjointly vital to face the stack away from a locality that contains a ton of pedestrian traffic to avoid stinging incidences. 

Accompany a beek on Associate in Nursing examination sometimes so you get a sensible plan of what it entails. As you decide on a location for your shed, you may keep that have in mind and decide an area that works for each the bees and also the farmer.

10. Failure to visualize Queen status 

The queen is barely one bee out of thousands. But, the role of the queen is significant to colony survival. 

She is that the solely bee that may lay impregnated eggs.  This square measure the eggs that become employee bees. 

Common among new beekeepers is assumptive that everything is okay while not wanting. The queen was fine last month – why ought to I check? 

Sometimes a bee colony can commit to replace their queen. Or maybe their queen is accidentally killed throughout a hive inspection? perhaps the hive swarms and wishes a replacement queen. 

The bee colony contains a exceptional arrange for exchange their queen however they’re not perpetually no-hit. generally, the farmer has to intervene. 

I adopt Associate in Nursing approach of trusting my bees’ judgement once they decide they require a replacement queen. If they need to resources to interchange a failing queen – that’s nice. 

But, my role as a farmer is to make sure that the colony contains a queen or the fabric to form a replacement queen. If the colony is simply too low in population to induce the work done – i want to assist.

11. Not employing a Smoker

When you’re progressing to talk over a deal you need to arm yourself. you are doing thus with info and or a communicator to talk on your behalf. 

That’s your smoker once it involves dealings with bees. The smoker is your key communicator. 

The smoke distracts the bees by making a warning. 

While the bees are a longing their drill, that entails gorging themselves on honey, they become plenty calmer to affect. 

That allows you to travel concerning your business within the hive with fewer bees attempting to chase you away. 

Without your communicator, you’re at a heavy disadvantage, and also the bees are over glad to require up that advantage. 

12. Failure to Suit Up

Bees, even docile ones will and can sting. You, a first-timer area unit probably to anger them. 

We all get clumsy once we’re beginning out, and it solely gets worse after you get injured. Sure, you wish to desire you’re one with nature. 

Chat rooms area unit stuffed with folks spoken language things like “Guys, come on. gauntleted hands aren’t real husbandman hands.” Those area unit the folks you would like to ignore. 

Beekeepers with decades of expertise still suit up from time to time, thus there’s no shame in it. Cover up, from veil to boots.

13. Inspecting Too sometimes

I have found myself on this aspect of the spectrum. 

When I initial got my bees, I didn’t handle them as finely as I ought to thus I got injured many times. That place a heavy damper on my bee enthusiasm. 

I was happy to easily observe my bees from a distance. it absolutely was very easy to justify my behaviour. The landing board was noisy with activity. voluminous staff were returning and going, carrying very little spore packages on their come flights. 

If one thing was wrong, wouldn’t all of them simply be coiled within the hive within the craniate position, as I did when my stinging incident? seems i used to be wrong. throughout my hiatus, one amongst my hives became queenless however I didn’t notice till it absolutely was too late. 

Although perceptive the hive may be instructional, it cannot take the place of a correct review. Once or double a month is enough. additional frequent visits ought to solely be created once necessary and with a selected intention in mind.

14. Not Respecting Bee area

Bees area unit meticulous. They don’t wish to waste area. “Bee space” refers to the gap areas in a very beehive that bees won’t fill with wax or propolis. 

If it’s too small for them to use as a hall, they seal it up with propolis. If it’s a large area, they build further storage within the variety of a comb. This precise gap is ideally between four.5 metric linear unit and nine metric linear unit. 

If in your hurry to shut up a hive, you finish up forgetting to place in a very frame or 2, they’ll build comb within the gap and fix it to the inner cowl. that may be terribly mussy particularly throughout a nectar flow. 

When they take liberties, they don’t follow your blueprints. meaning that ensuing time you open up the hive, you’ll in all probability be breaking comb as a result of the new comb they designed might not be parallel to the frames. 

Once I created such a slip-up and went back to the hives concerning four days later and there have been concerning four inches of comb hanging from the duvet already. Had I waited for the standard period, things for sure would have complete otherwise. I shudder at the thought. 

Be careful whenever you’re effecting any activity within the hive. dashing your activity will value you within the end of the day. The larger area you give, the larger the potential mess.


Mistakes are often a good learning tool. once can you stop creating beekeeping mistakes? most likely, never. 

These square measures simply some of the various “oops” moments beekeepers have and square measure in no means conclusive. 

Fortunately, the bees provide North American nation time to redeem ourselves. So, if you fall, dirt yourself off and keep going. That’s however we tend to all did it. 

I still build mistakes each year. I do try and avoid creating an equivalent mistake over and yet again. this can be a part of the method of changing into an honest farmer. 

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